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What are the Common Problems that Mice Cause

Mice and other rodents may make their way indoors during the colder months, and also a field mouse might end up as a house mouse if it can find a way into your home. As it is widely known that mice are a nuisance if they have the opportunity to get into homes. They will eat your food, chew furniture and walls, chew up wires or anything they find chewable in it.

Realistically, the mice in your house are dangerous. Apart from their bites or some hidden stinger or poisonous fangs, they also pose a number of health risks for a number of different factors. Therefore, this is the reason why it is necessary to prevent them from getting into homes.

Once a mouse gains entrance into a home, they will nest in areas behind walls, in attics and in basements. And these areas of the home are where most of the electrical systems are; therefore, if a mouse chew through electrical wires without your notice, a short circuit could happen leads to fire outbreak, putting the entire structure and people inside and around it unto danger. Apart from the electrical damage they can cause, they also have the ability to chew through pipes and structural timber. This can lead to expensive repairs, including addressing water damage and flooding issues. Almost nothing is safe from their incisors as they can chew on furniture, containers and other household items.

Moreover, if mice find their way into your home, it is most likely they got in through the front door, or they found a crack or holes somewhere in your walls or roof area. Sometimes they may find water-softened wood and chew their way through it. In addition, they may find a small hole, but they will use their sharp-growing incisors to widen the hole so they can squeeze through.

Below are some of the deadly diseases caused by mice are:


Due to how mice go about looking for foods, and will eat just eat anything they can lay their sharp teeth and paws on. They walk over kitchen cabinets and the pantries thereby tracking dirt and bacteria across food substances. Therefore, one of the most dangerous one is salmonella, also known as food poisoning. It is accompanied by symptoms of fevers and stomach cramps, vomiting.


This is mostly found in mice urine and feces, humans can be infected with this virus if they come across any of the substances. In addition, mice feces and urine can dry up and turn into a dust that can spread the virus as well. Just like other illnesses, the Hantavirus starts with fever and chills coupled with pains and aches. However, it can quickly become serious and lead to shortness of breath and kidney-failure that can lead to death if proper care is not taken.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is transmitted through ticks and mice are known carrier of it, ticks can easily become an infestation because mice can transmit this same disease that have long-term effects.

Bubonic Plague

Fleas that mice mostly carry cause the Bubonic plague, fleas eat blood, just like ticks and mosquitoes, and can transmit this deadly disease if care is not taken as soon as possible.

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